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  Name Title Group
Ashley Anderson Anderson, Ashley Teacher Faculty
Cathy Anderson Anderson, Cathy Assistant Principal Administration
Eugene Angus Angus, Eugene Teacher Faculty
Eric Austin Austin, Eric Superintendent Administration
Christian Austria Austria, Christian Faculty
Jesse Biron Biron, Jesse Executive Assistant Faculty
Arleen D'Avis D'Avis, Arleen Teacher Faculty
LeRoy Darby Darby, LeRoy Professional Development Director Administration
Harold Dorgeloh Dorgeloh, Harold Athletic Coordinator Faculty
Cameron Ducan Ducan, Cameron Faculty
Jamye Duncan Duncan, Jamye Teacher Faculty
Katherine Duncan Duncan, Katherine Faculty
Amy Edgar Edgar, Amy Faculty
Aline Fadler Fadler, Aline Teacher Faculty
Michael Fadler Fadler, Michael Teacher Faculty
LaShawnda Golida Golida, LaShawnda Office Coordinator Faculty
Marisol Gonzalez Gonzalez, Marisol Teacher's Aide Faculty
Sarah Grant Grant, Sarah Teacher Faculty
Kelly Hancock Hancock, Kelly Teacher Faculty
Arrianna Howard Howard, Arrianna Nurse Faculty
Amelia Hunter Hunter, Amelia Teacher Faculty
Krystal Junod Junod, Krystal Faculty
Kristin Kilmer Kilmer, Kristin Administration
Ame Lemon Lemon, Ame Board Certified Behavior Analyst Administration
Stephen Love Love, Stephen Teacher Faculty
Lisa Masciave Masciave, Lisa Faculty
Pete Masciave Masciave, Pete Teacher Faculty
Rose Mazzella Mazzella, Rose Director of WING Faculty
Annabella Monzon Monzon, Annabella Teacher Faculty
Kris Pakulak Pakulak, Kris Teacher Administration
Paul Peirce Peirce, Paul IT Coordinator Faculty
Deedra Price Price, Deedra Director of Student Services Administration
Mathew Provonsil Provonsil, Mathew Teacher Faculty
Jasmine Quiles Quiles, Jasmine Teacher Faculty
Kelly Roselle Roselle, Kelly Teacher Faculty
Larry Roselle Roselle, Larry Principal Administration
Suellen Roselle Roselle, Suellen Faculty
Deborah Schelich Schelich, Deborah Teacher Faculty
Shannon Schmitt Schmitt, Shannon Teacher Faculty
Errin Schutz Schutz, Errin Teacher Faculty
Gordon Teachworth Teachworth, Gordon Lead Security Officer Faculty
Dawn Whitmore Whitmore, Dawn Faculty
Morgan Wood Wood, Morgan Teacher Faculty
Eduardo Zayas-Quinones Zayas-Quinones, Eduardo Faculty