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Parent Directed Education

Parkhurst Homeschool Academy is a service provider for families who want to take ownership of their child’s education. At first glance, it has the optics of a small school. The purpose of that is to give homeschool students the feeling that they are receiving a school experience, and not missing out on the socialization they naturally desire. We allow for that “classroom community” in which collaboration can occur, and projects displayed.

However, Parkhurst Homeschool Academy is NOT a school. We are a group of tutors who work very closely with homeschool families to perfectly tailor each child’s educational needs. There are no two children alike, and no two identical educational plans. The students attending each day determine the activities that take place.

We have been successfully using this model for 9 years, formerly as Ms. Cathy’s Kids, LLC. We are so excited to begin partnering with Parkhurst Academy, as a homeschool branch. Families also have access to the umbrella school program that Parkhurst Academy offers, thus giving access to sports and extracurricular activities as well as record keeping.


Flexible Hours & Small Classroom Sizes

 We have small class sizes and a lot of individual attention.  We have flexible scheduling which allows you to use our facility as much or as little as your family needs. We do not take attendance, but we assist you in meeting your homeschooling obligations.  For families who travel or have children involved in competitive sports, we will ensure your child stays on track, has work to take on trips, and does not fall behind.


Classroom Environment

 We strive to create a loving and caring Christian environment where parents and instructors work together to choose the appropriate curriculum for children.  This allows children to move at the pace best for them while using their learning styles.