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At Parkhurst Academy, we are pleased to offer the opportunity for extra-curricular sports at the Elementary School level.  We participate in a parochial learning league intended for private parochial and Christian schools, as well as some Montessori and charter schools.  This league is designed to teach the students the rules of the games in a hands-on, fun setting. ‚Äč

Elementary students have the opportunity to participate on the Swim Team, Volleyball and Flag Football in the early fall, Soccer in the winter, and Basketball in the spring. We see these teams as the training ground for the Christian leadership qualities we seek to help our students develop.  The lessons learned in teamwork, respect, and self-discipline transfer readily to the classroom and Christian leadership opportunities these students will experience throughout their lives.

As with our upper school sports program, students are expected to be committed to the highest level of Christian conduct, academic performance, athleticism, self-discipline, respect for school and others, and performance of all responsibilities related to the team.  Players must demonstrate a proven ability to balance academic requirements and demands with extra-curricular and personal activities, as well as maintaining a healthy personal relationship with the Lord.