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Our junior and senior high school program offers a challenging curriculum that prepares our graduates to successfully enter the world as Christian leaders.  The course load throughout their academic experience at Parkhurst Academy either meets or exceeds public school standards. Students are challenged to seek God’s truth, to grow spiritually in the lord, and to be ready to confidently defend their faith.  They are challenged academically in a rigorous program.  A number of classes are taught at the Honors level. 

The academic program in the upper school is enhanced with the ability of students to participate in Florida Virtual School (FLVS) courses.  This widens the students choices of electives and increases their opportunity to explore a variety of subject areas.

Parkhurst Academy students may also take advantage of our partnership with Eastern Florida State College by taking dual enrollment courses, which will earn both high school and college credit.  These students must maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average to be eligible to continue in dual enrollment courses.

It is our goal for our students to complete their junior and senior high school years with a well-developed biblical worldview, and with the foundational tools necessary to fulfill the calling God has placed on them.