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Teacher Qualifications

  • The Parkhurst Academy Faculty and Staff meet requirements for instructional personnel,  set forth by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)
  • In addition, the Parkhurst Academy teaching staff meet the Florida Department of Education requirements for all instructional personnel in accordance with Section 1002.421(1)(h), Florida Statutes:
    • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in any subject (copy of diploma or completed transcript)
      Three or more years of K-12th grade teaching experience (written proof of contacting the previous employer), or 
    • Special skills, knowledge, or expertise that qualifies them to provide instruction in K-12th grade subjects (provide documentation such as certifications, professional development, curriculum training, etc.). Pre-K experience and certifications would not meet this requirement.
  Name Title
Ashley Anderson Anderson, Ashley Teacher
Cathy Anderson Anderson, Cathy Assistant Principal
Marilyn Archibald Archibald, Marilyn Teacher
Stephanie Arnold Arnold, Stephanie Teacher's Aide
Eric Austin Austin, Eric Superintendent
Dawn Banke Banke, Dawn Finance and Accounting
Alec Barton Barton, Alec Security Supervisor
Jesse Biron Biron, Jesse Executive Assistant
Kandyce Carrender Carrender, Kandyce Teacher
Michael Chaszczewski Chaszczewski, Michael IT Coordinator
Arleen D'Avis D'Avis, Arleen Teacher
LeRoy Darby Darby, LeRoy Professional Development Director
Aline Fadler Fadler, Aline Teacher
Michael Fadler Fadler, Michael Teacher
Anibal Garcia Garcia, Anibal Athletic Director
LaShawnda Golida Golida, LaShawnda Office Coordinator
Marisol Gonzalez Gonzalez, Marisol Fine Arts Director
Priscilla Gonzalez Gonzalez, Priscilla Teacher
Sarah Grant Grant, Sarah Admissions Director
Kindra Guest Guest, Kindra Teacher
Kelly Hancock Hancock, Kelly Teacher
Shannon Houchin Houchin, Shannon Teacher
Krystal Junod Junod, Krystal Teacher
Rachael Kastner Kastner, Rachael Teacher
Stephen Love Love, Stephen Student Life Coach
Ali MacGillivray MacGillivray, Ali Teacher
Annabella Monzon Monzon, Annabella Teacher
Deedra Price Price, Deedra Director of Student Services
Kelly Roselle Roselle, Kelly Teacher
Larry Roselle Roselle, Larry Principal
Suellen Roselle Roselle, Suellen Teacher
Keith Ross Ross, Keith Teacher
Deborah Schelich Schelich, Deborah Director of Soar
Errin Schutz Schutz, Errin Teacher
Gordon Teachworth Teachworth, Gordon Lead Security Officer
Ann Wolf Wolf, Ann Teacher