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A student's education is an extremely important investment, but navigating the tuition process can be daunting when financial resources are a concern. At Parkhurst, we are committed to help alleviate those concerns whenever possible Below are some of our scholarship options to explore. 

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Connelly Sanders Jr. Scholarship

The Connelly Sanders Jr. Scholarship was created by Rose Sanders to honor her late husband Connelly Sanders Jr.  The scholarship is merit based and is awarded to rising and graduating seniors.

​Following are the rules and guidelines for awarding this scholarship:

Scholarship Amount

Five awards are available each school year of $1000 for each award.  If the designated scholarship funds are not totally dispersed, the money will be retained until the following year for future awards.  A student may receive an award as a rising senior and again the following year as a graduating senior for a maximum amount of $2000 over the two- year period.

Applicant Eligibility

Applicants must be current full time PA students either in their junior or senior year having attended Pa for the majority of the current school year prior to applying in March.

Sanders Scholarship Committee

The PA Board of Directors shall designate a committee that will review applications and award scholarships.
The Committee will consist of one Board member and four teachers from the secondary grades.  The Board member will act as a tie breaking decision maker if needed after the teachers make their recommendation and represent the Committee to the Board.

The Committee will meet in April to review applications and make recommendations of awards to the Board of Directors by the first week in May.  The Board of Directors shall award the scholarships at the May Board meeting and publish the information on the school website.

The Committee shall consider the following in making their award decisions:

  • Christ like behavior and attitude
  • Spiritual maturity
  • Positive influence on others
  • School Grades taking into account the weighted GPA and improvement
  • Involvement in activities in school, church and the community
  • Schedule for Applications and Awards

Availability of the scholarship will be advertised each school year, as money is available, by publishing an announcement in the school newsletter and any other appropriate communication avenues.

Applications will be accepted during March of the award year.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted and the deadline for submittal is the last day of March or the first Monday following the last day of March if the last day falls on a weekend or a holiday.

Awards to Juniors are to be used for tuition at PA for the following Fall semester of the next school year and shall be paid directly to PA by August 1 of the following school year.  If for any reason the student leaves PA or does not return to PA, the remaining money will be returned to the designated scholarship fund. The scholarship money may not be used at another school.

Awards to Seniors are to be used for expenses related to attendance at a post secondary college or university, either public or private, for the following Summer or Fall semester and shall be paid directly to the institution upon direction by the student.  Senior students must become enrolled in an accredited college or university and provide an official copy of their class schedule for the Summer or Fall semester.  If for any reason, the student fails to attend college or a university that year, the money will be returned to the designated scholarship fund.

To download a copy of the application, click on this link → Sanders Scholarship Application

A note from Rose Sanders:

My husband was a humble man, a true gentleman, as well as a gentle man and he loved the Lord. 

Connelly was born in Bristow, Oklahoma at the end of the depression. During his high school years he was the local football team’s quarterback, all around athlete and letterman. He loved music and played the piano and violin. In order to pay for these music lessons, he cleaned the teachers’ studio on a weekly basis, for funds were tight. He also helped finance his college education by playing the piano at various hotels. 

For many years Connelly was active in his church in numerous areas, but his favorite was the mission arena. Prior to his last illness Connelly spent most of his free time calling on church visitors with an Evangelism Explosion team. They would ask the very important question: "if you were to die tonight, why should the Lord let you into His heaven?" Salvation is a very personal decision, but he started many people on the road to a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior. He was a true witness. 

Since Connelly loved mathematics, he went to college and became a civil engineer and hydrologist, and after graduation a Regular Army officer whose first assignment was service in Korea during that conflict.  Connelly had numerous overseas tours of duty, including two in Vietnam. He retired from the military and started his own engineering firm in Marietta, Georgia, dealing primarily with development that included roadway, drainage and site construction design.  He encouraged young people to get an education. He believed that an education along with hard work would lead to personal success. If we love our job, then it will never be a job, but a fulfillment of a dream.

Christian education is the foundation for our future leaders.  The intent of the Connelly Sanders Jr. Scholarship is to provide a positive step to encourage and enable someone to reach their dream. Self-respect comes with accomplishment, and it encourages all of us to be good stewards with what the Lord has given us.

Rose Sanders

Connelly Sanders Jr. 11/3/1929 - 9/30/2003