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Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities to meet the diverse gifts and talents of our student body. 

Fine Arts

Our growing fine arts program allows students to refine the gifts that God has given them. Our elementary students perform two times per year showcasing their musical abilities. Our upper school offers electives in choir, art, yearbook, and textile arts. Students also perform a full musical in the spring. Student-led worship during chapel also allows students to use their gifts on a weekly basis. 



Our after-school clubs offer a variety of opportunities to participate in activities. Our clubs include the following: Art, Builders, Cooking, Coffee Bean, Dance, Flag Club, Gaming, Marine Science, and a variety of student-led Bible Studies. 


National Honors Society

Parkhurst Academy Upper School students who meet a high academic standard, and demonstrate excellent character will be invited to be a member of our National Honor Society chapter.

Student Government

Our representative student government allows students to develop strong communication and leadership skills.